Horoscope writing

Why do we initiate horoscope writing?

The life's plan written based on the alignment of the planets is what it is. Indian Astrology is the base for the horoscope. Based on the karma of the previous birth, the life experienced thereafter can be known by horoscope for sure.

"Jananee janmasoukhyanam vardhanee kulasambadam,
padaveepoorvvapunyanam likhyathe janmapathrika"
with the above as beginning, the birth time with right "Panjanga" associations, "Grahanila", "Navamshakam", "Grahasphudas", "Panjangaphalas", "Yogaphalas", "Bhavaphala vicharam","Lagnabhalam", "Ayurbhavam"- knowing the accident timing period etc. is acknowledged and written.

Also, there are rest like "Vidyabhava", "Vivahakala" the education and marriage related respectively which is also known and should happen at the time as ordained. For one who has the "Yoga" for education, "Poorvajanmapunarjanmavastha, dhanabhagyabhavam, sahodarabhavam, mathrupithrubhavam, dhashakaala niroopanam etc are discussed. And then "kalachakradhasha", "Nirvanadhasha", "Nirvanadhasha", "Adhanadhasha", "Ulpannadhasha", "Mahadhasha", "Mrithyudhasha" etc would be judged and "Nakshatradhasha" timing would be written accurately. The result of the "Dhashapaharas" will be written briefly and "Ashtavarga" will be calculatingly added.

"Yadyanmyadya likhitham jathakasya shubhashubham sathyam
bhavathu thathsarvam gurunam karuna balal"
as the ending, horoscope writing is concluded.

Process and Fees

Once you submit the form and make the payment, our astrologers get to the calculations and will give you the result over the contact address you mention in the email. If you have questions after reading the result, then you can always communicate with our astrologers over email, phone, Skype etc.

Fees: ₹5000 (INR) or $100 (USD)

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