Horoscope matching

Why we look up the horoscope, matches, "Papasamyas", "Dhashasandhi" etc?

In Hindu marriages, horoscope is considered an integral part. The first step towards a married life is the checking of the horoscope match.

As per "Shashankaradeeyam",
"Nissanthane sasunum, niravadi karunam nirduaye, niswathandye, nisthulyam vithanatham, sarujamaruji cha vidyarahitha, ithi mruthisthaana dhosham samana lokya anishta khedan muhurapi manasa yojoyeth buddhishali...."

If the horoscope matches perfectly for the couple, the ones lacking in spheres like children, wealth, longevity etc gains resolution in the matters. Also, it is believed that the one having "Daridrayoga" should be matched with one with "Dhanayoga" in order for stable married life.

It is as per the planetary movements and their directions that the astrologers calculate the horoscope. The revolving of the planets is observed in order to provide the personal characteristics of the people. As per this, once the married couple lives together, their stars and planets influence their lives. Hence, their star compatibility is checked.

Process and Fees

Once you submit the form and make the payment, our astrologers get to the calculations and will give you the result over the contact address you mention in the email. If you have questions after reading the result, then you can always communicate with our astrologers over email, phone, Skype etc.

Fees: ₹500 (INR) or $10 (USD)

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