Horary prediction

What is the purpose of the Horary Astrology?

The Sins are many. As per an old sloka,
"Gurudeva dwijah athyugra
jathakam bhibhyathe nyoonam
no chethathal prathikiriya"

The ones inflicted with curses of the Guru, God, Brahmin or Black magic -Abhichara, Serpent etc will not get to experience the good blessings in life however they may come. These five curses mentioned are the most disastrous ones amongst the curses. And these won't be known by horoscope alone. This is where the horary astrology comes to be useful.

Upon seeing our work capabilities and talent, people can be jealous and can use a black magic practitioner to get us down. And it can disrupt peace at work and even at home. One can even be fed with the "Kaivishas" with false love leading to numbness in overall activities. Without ignoring it and suffering lifelong, one should find the solution in this branch of Horary astrology.

Process and Fees

Once you submit the form and make the payment, our astrologers get to the calculations and will give you the result over the contact address you mention in the email. If you have questions after reading the result, then you can always communicate with our astrologers over email, phone, Skype etc.

Fees: ₹1000 (INR) or $20 (USD)

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