For all-round benefits and absolution from sins.

The Rudraksha is of Sanskrit origin and comprises of 'Rudra' a synonym of 'Lord Shiva' and 'Aksha' synonym of the 'Eye’, which is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. Hence, Rudraksha is the object of veneration and also the source to reach the higher self. Rudraksha is often thought to represent the connection between the worldly concern and the paradise. These beads are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit obtained from Rudraksha trees. The Rudraksha tree is botanically known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus and its common name is Utrasum bead tree.

From ancient times, the power of Holy Rudraksha beads has been scripted in various religious texts like ShivmahaPurana, Shreemaddevibhagwat, Padma Purana, Ling Purana etc.

For thousands of years Rudraksha beads have been worn by mankind for good health, religious attainment through Japa and Shakti (power) and for fearless life. Saints and sages roaming in the forests have lived healthy, fearless and a full life by wearing Rudraksha and its Mala. There is no saint, God incarnate, who can be identified without these vibrant Rudraksha beads or Mala. Since ages, Rudraksha has been tested and worn by the Yogis and Saints and they found these beads to be very useful for excellent health and spiritual attainments. The power of Rudraksha is felt quickly and effectively with the persons who are devoted to religion, have strong belief in God, surrender to Vedic lifestyle and do regular Japa Practices. The common mass can produce better outcomes if they tend to take over the Vedic lifestyle.

The important types of rudrakshas are listed below.

Eka Mukhi (One faced)

This is ruled by Lord Shiva himself. It serves to enlighten consciousness, destroy sins, past karma and thereby leads to Moksha. It will develop divine attitude and all-round happiness. The rarest of the Rudrakshas and is held in high regard. Those who possess this will get all riches, happiness and prosperity and get their desires are met easily. It will develop divine attitude and all-round happiness. The natural features of Naga Sarpa, Trishula, Shivlinga and omkaram are found on this Rudraksha.

This serves to enlighten the Super Consciousness, provides improved concentration and mental structure changes specific to renunciation from worldly affairs. The wearer gets to enjoy all comforts at his command but still remains unattached. Eye diseases, migraines, depression, OCD, anxiety, heart diseases, lung diseases, various psychotic and neurotic disorders etc. are said to be cured with this.

Ruling God: Lord Shiva

Ruling planet: Sun

Dwi Mukhi (Two Faced)

This Rudraksha is ruled by Ardhnareeshwar and it blesses the wearer with Unity and creates an aura of oneness around him. It promises wealth, happiness and inner bliss. It has great mystical power and is ideal for those who are looking for a soulmate to enter into matrimony. Dwi Mukhi Rudraksha works like a mediator to eliminate enmity and if couples were to wear it, it is said to enhance their bonds and prevent any breakup. It is apt to be given as a wedding gift to the marrying couples. It also helps the wearer develop cordial relations with family members, friends, co-workers and relatives.

The wearer will have control over own desires, emotional stability and will develop divinely outlook- very useful in awakening kundalini - essentially in varshikarna. Rhinitis, infertility and diseases affecting stomach, intestines, kidneys will be cured by this.

Ruling God: Ardhnareeshwar

Ruling planet: Moon

Tri Mukhi (Three faced)

This Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Agni and it cleanses the sins and offenses of the wearer and liberates him to move on the path of success. Wearing it gives the power and the benefit of worshipping the Thrimoorthis (Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva). When worn with Thali the lady will be blessed with good luck and long lasting, harmonious marital life. It helps to get rid of Pitrudosha and will be blessed with children.

Help in higher education, improves eyesight and cures ailments related to the liver, digestive system, etc. Ideal for those who suffer from inferior complexes, subjective fear, guilt and depression.

Ruling God: Lord Agni

Ruling planet: Mars

Chatur Mukhi (Four Faced)

This Rudraksha is ruled by Brihaspati the Guru of Devas. The wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed with powerful memory, knowledge, and wisdom and dispels darkness of ignorance and intellectual dullness. This is apt for the students and very beneficial for artists, students, scholars, journalists, researchers and scientists, writers, etc. It increases creativity, memory power, wit and intelligence. This Rudraksha is found to be very useful for dowsing (Sathya vani or Bhavishya vani).

This cures diseases affecting thyroid gland and the respiratory system and cures epilepsy, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever etc.

Ruling God: Lord Brahma

Ruling planet: Mercury, the ailments related to Budhadasha can be cured by this.

Pancha Mukhi (Five Faced)

This is ruled by Lord Rudra Kalaagni. Pancha Mukhi Rudraksha helps wearer wake his higher self (Upa Guru), thereby blesses him with spiritual faith, wisdom, and insight and instills self- awareness and self- worth. Also, it helps with learning and developing one’s own uniqueness. This is widely worn by students and sages.

This is used commonly in Japa mala especially by Ayyappa and the Anjaneya devotees and is apt for the ones deciding to go the hermit way (this is kalagni swaroopa and rudragana). The wearer gains health and peace. Pancha Mukhi Rudraksha guarantees good health of the respiratory system and thyroid glands and provides relief from asthma. When worn by the numbers 108 or 43 as a Rudraksha chain it helps to reduce stress. When the 32-beaded chain is worn, our enemy shall respect us. This is very beneficial for students, scholars, journalists, researchers and scientists, writers, etc.

Ruling God: Lord Rudra Kalaagni

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Shan Mukhi (Six faced)

This is ruled by Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva with six heads, each representing our senses. It bestows the qualities of Lord Kartikeya like youthfulness, fearlessness, quick action and supreme command.

This brings stability in all aspects of the wearer’s life, boosts strength, energy, balance, tolerance. It gives relief from piles, arthritis, muscular pain, knee pain and bone pain. This Rudraksha prevents blood pressure, hysteria, etc. I also helps reduce obesity. It acts as a motivator for thrill seekers and boosts will power. Shan Mukhi Rudraksha when worn with Chatur Mukhi Rudraksha makes Shiv Shakti locket.

Ruling God: Lord Kartikeya

Ruling planet: Venus, the adversities faced during Shukradasha must use this.

Sapta Mukhi (Seven Faced)

This is ruled by Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of purity and wealth and she bestows upon the wearer wealth and love.

This removes miseries, bad luck and misfortunes from the life of the wearer and blesses him with prosperity, happiness, peace, and abundance and harmony in relationships. If this is kept in the money vault, it is said to stabilize functioning and increase wealth. The wearer will get rid of Saturn (Shani) Dosha and will get progress in business and service.

This regulates functioning of the digestive system, provides relief to diseses related to stomach, adrenal gland, liver and pancreas- including diabetes. When used by businessmen, those who work in service sector and public administrstors they will be blessed with wealth and success.

Ruling God: Lord Mahalakshmi

Ruling planet: Saturn, early deaths, tiredness, paralysis and other ailments related to 'shanidasha' can be prevented by wearing this.

Ashta Mukhi (Eight Faced)

This Rudraksha protects the wearer from the harmful karmas befalling him. The benefit of 'Ganapthipooja' is obtained by the wearer. For the 'Kethudasha' period, this Rudraksha should be worn to get rid of obstacles and gain success. (Incarnation of Lord Ganesh). This will increase concentration of intellect, develops knowledge and removes all obstacles in proposed plans and deeds and will get all-round success - Riddhis and Siddhis. Helps for longevity. This is mostly by pundits, Astrologers, Professors, etc. It helps in curing early stage of paralysis. Takes away all obstacles and brings success in all projects. It gives the wearer all kinds of attainments - Riddhies and Siddhies even the minds or intentions of the opponents are changed for the better.

Ruling God: Lord Ganesha

Ruling planet: Ketu and Rahu

Nava Mukhi (Nine Faced)

This Rudraksha is said to possess nine powers. It has to be worn on the right hand. The ones conducting 'Durgapooja' should wear this. The blessings provided by it is such that the ones suffering from 'Shanidasha', 'Rahurdasha' etc should wear this. If 108 beads of 9 faced Rudraksha are worn, It is said to provide the benefit of 'Navagraha Pooja' for a peaceful home. Besides, it provides the energy, power and subsequent success for the wearer. (Incarnation of Lord Bhairava - main deity is Goddess Durga Devi). It is very effective in stopping miscarriages or abortions, helpful in Santhanprapthi, heart diseases, smallpox, skin problems. This is worn on the right hand by ladies with perfect devotion, desirous of having children. It is much sought-after and rarely available. Gives plenty of vigor, force, dynamism, fearlessness. It is Shakti Rudraksha. The wearer is blessed with a great deal of energy, powers, Dynamism and fearlessness, which are useful to live a lifetime of success.

Ruling God: Goddess Durga

Ruling planet: Ketu

Dasha Mukhi (Ten Faced)

This Rudraksha saves the wearer from all forms of accidents, especially the ones connected to the sea. This should be the one held out during 'Budhadasha' period. This is more useful in spiritual enlightenment, keeps away heart borne diseases, releases the stress and tension. Gets dashavathara blessings. This bears the influence of ten incarnations and the ten directions. It works like a shield on one's body and drives evils away.

Ruling God: Lord Vishnu

Ruling planet: No specific ruling planet for this Rudraksha and hence every planetary related 'doshas' can be cured using this.

Eka Daska Mukhi (Eleven Faced)

The wearer of this Rudraksha can make fair judgments and will be strong voiced. This aids ones leading a thrill seeking life and protects from all sorts of accidents and other detrimental events. The ones who meditate should wear this. The wearer of this never gets any suicidal thoughts. It also provides good health and acts as a protector of the wearer. This should be worn on the head, controls many types of diseases and helps in curing femine (ladies) diseases and is helpful for santhana prapthi. Blessings with wisdom, right judgement powerful vocabulary, adventurous life with all-round success. It can bless the wearer with wisdom, right judgment, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life, fearlessness and success. Above all, it also protects from accidental death. It also helps in Meditation and removes the problems of yogic practices.

Ruling God: Lord Hanuman

Ruling planet: No ruling planet for this too, and is beneficial for mediation.

Dwadasha Mukhi (Twelve Faced)

It is good to be worn as an earrings by the women. Also, the ones needing to be good administrators, ministers, other political activists, businessmen etc should wear this. It is also known as Aditya and wearing of this on the head brings enlighment to weak minds and new hope and confidence for patients with long sufferings and chronic diseases. It controls excessive desire for sex and other bad habits. Also is useful to cure Jaundice. It is more useful for jyothisha and Vasthu Pandits, politician, businessmen and executives cures heart, lungs and skin diseases. The wearer gets the quality of the sun - to rule and to move continuously with brilliant radiance and strength. Good for ministers, politicians, decision makers, businessmen and administrators. Takes away worry, suspicion and fear. Increases self image and motivation.

Ruling God: Lord Shiva

Ruling planet: The ruling planet is 'Sun' and can be used in the absence of 'Dwi Mukhi' aka two faced Rudraksha.

Trayodasha Mukhi (Thirteen Faced)

This Helps the wearer to have a peaceful life and also boosts his spiritual powers. The best wishes of the wearer are fulfilled by this Rudraksha. Besides, It helps the wearer the fulfillment of wishes and other material gains. It is worn by ladies to fulfill their desires, increases their good luck, beauty care, cures skin diseases and early stage of cancer. The wearer gets all riches and comforts, fulfills all the desires in family life, specially desire for Santhana prapthi. It is Kamadhenu. It also gives business, promotion, more financial and family happiness and honour in the society. Showers in all possible comforts of life one can ever desire. It gives riches and honor and fulfills all the earthly desires and gives eight accomplishments (Siddhis), and the God cupid (Kamadeva) pleases with the man who wears it. It is helpful for meditation and spiritual and materialistic attainments.

Ruling God: Lord Indra / Kaamdev

Ruling planet: The ruling planet is 'Venus' and this can be used in the absence of 'Shan Mukhi' aka six faced Rudraksha

Chaturdasha Mukhi (Fourteen Faced)

This is called 'Devamani'. This helps the wearer to access his third eye prowess. It should be worn on the front head. The wearer also gets inner knowledge and prediction prowess. (Incarnation of Lord Parama Shiva). It is all-powerful for bestowing good health and proper wealth and is a prathika of Lord Hanuman. It helps in curing the facial and paralysis, control anger and excess sex. This is worn on forehead (Lalata) or on the chest. It is also very difficult to get this Rudraksha. It is a most precious divine gem. Wearer foresees the future. Its wearer never fails in his decisions. Its wearer gets rid of all the calamities, miseries, worries. It protects from ghosts, malevolent spirits and dark magic. It offers the wearer safety, security and riches and self power.

Ruling God: Lord Shiva

Ruling planet: The ruling planet is 'Saturn' and can be used in the absence of 'Sapta Mukhi ' aka seven faced Rudraksha.

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