Our misery is not caused by our sins or lack of skills thereof. It can be caused by sins of our past lives or the sins committed by our ancestors unintentionally or otherwise. The misery brought about by the diseases, career issues, marriage irregularities, problems with progeny, infertility, continuous failures in business units etc. can be solved. The sins of our past lives can only be rectified by asking forgiveness from gods. Hence as the only means for the same, ashtamangala prasnam has been conducted since ancestral times. Ashtamangala prasnam reveals the good and bad effects of the past, present and future and also find out the remedies where ever required to remove the malefic effects. Also, it can be used for determining the auspicious timings for various activities.

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Our expert team of astrologers are here to help you with your astrological needs and to lead you to a happy and prosperous life. The results are provided in English and Malayalam. If the service you are looking for is not listed below please click here to send us a message so that we could accomodate your request.

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Aravind is an expert in Horary and has participated multiple Ashtamangalaprasnams. He found this site so that people could get access to the services of best Daivajnas and astrologers.
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